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Limnoterra takes a comprehensive approach to natural resources management and consulting.  It is our job to understand and prioritize our clients' perspective.  Listening and clear communication are critical to our success.  Although we are scientists, we understand the broader aspects of managing natural resources. We apply a sound scientific approach to each solution we create while considering all other factors important to our customers.  Our professionals have formal training in Natural Resources Economics, Environmental Law, Environmental Ethics and Sociology, and Resource Policy Development.  We appreciate our natural resources and support our clients in making wise land use decisions.  We understand that there is a blending of relationships amongst the private sector, resources management/ regulatory sector and academia (scientists).  It is our job to find a working balance among all parties, while prioritizing our clients needs, economics and land use rights.

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Our Expertise

 We apply the highest level of technology available to identify, map, and inventory the natural resources of large properties and tracts of land. Our clients include owners, sellers or buyers of land. Generally, an inventory includes identification and mapping of streams, wetlands, wildlife habitat, upland natural communities, soils characteristics, drainage, threatened and endangered species and their habitat and rare elements.


The Technical Stuff

These features are located in the field using GPS and mapped using GIS software. Available data layers are used for desktop mapping. Projects incorporate a remote review of available digital databases and a field component.

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Limnoterra, Inc. primarily focuses on serving clients within Florida and North Carolina.  However, with experience throughout the Southeastern United States, we are happy to discuss your  project needs in any region.

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